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Monday - Friday: 07:30  - 18:30

Rookies Day Nursery

@ Stevenage FC Academy

Broadhall Way




Tel: 01438 842233

For an Active Start to Life!

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The Rookies Way!

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Welcome to Rookies a ground-breaking educational nursery focused around providing children aged  1 to 5 years old with an active start to life! Here at Rookies we believe in making learning not just fun but active!  We provide children with a curriculum that contains endless opportunities to be active whilst learning and support this with nutritional plans designed to help them grow, learn and develop. In choosing Rookies you are not just choosing childcare you are choosing a lifestyle which can benefit you, your child and your family’s health and wellbeing.


Our Aims

To provide children aged 1 to 5 years old with an active start to life through learning and developing within a fun, safe and stimulating environment which promotes daily physical activity and an early education focused around a healthy lifestyle.


Our Ethos

At Rookies we believe that children should be encouraged to be active and learn with their parents how they can adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. The principles of sport and how they can help develop children’s bodies and minds are central to our curriculum and daily activities.


Pupil Education

Physical activity is central to our curriculum with pupils being encouraged to learn through being active. All pupils receive a curriculum which follows the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Guidelines, with added opportunities to develop their awareness of a healthy lifestyle.


Parental Education

In addition to educating pupils about the importance of being active and looking after their bodies, we also encourage our pupils’ parents to attend workshops which help guide families about ways in which they can adopt active and healthy lifestyles.


Rookies is more than just a nursery, it’s a lifestyle!


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Rookies Fact!

Rookies is a ground-breaking educational nursery focused around providing children aged 1-5 years old with an active start to life.

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